InspireTech @ Picwell

Picwell was honored to host the students of InspireTech this week at our Philadelphia headquarters.

InspireTech is a community partnership of tech companies and high schools in the Bucks and Montgomery County area that cultivates a passion for technology among educators and local youth. Their new TechTours program allows high school seniors to familiarize themselves with the breadth of the tech industry in the Philadelphia area, as they look to pick a course of study in college.

Our team had a lot of fun hosting a series of break-out discussions on topics ranging from probability and the Monty Hall problem, to web development and the physical reality of the Internet! I was also given the chance to share my story of working in the technology industry, and what it is like to be a CTO.

Picwell is a company that is grounded in a strong social mission - we are applying advanced technology to help millions of Americans make better decisions. Engaging with, and inspiring the next generation of technologists is an important part of this mission, and one that we are proud to support!